ABOUT Astondoa

Astondoa is recognized as having one of the most extensive ranges of yachts created by a single brand on the market. From 40 feet to 45 meters, Astondoa has an impressive array of options for both stylish and quality superyachts. There is a theory that yachts are a reflection of the country they originated in, yachts built in the United States are said to be conservative and practical, British yachts refined and traditional, Italian yachts fashionable and luxurious, but yachts built in Spain, marry all of these components and sprinkle in a little more zest. With the increasingly globalized market, such generalizations can be seen as a farce, but there is no doubt that Spain is synonymous with romance, and Astondoa delivers yachts you are bound to fall in love with.

With humble beginnings as a rowboat manufacturer, Astondoa gradually blossomed into the prominent and successful yacht fleet it is today. Astonishingly, Astondoa was founded over a century ago in, 1916 by Jesús Astondoa Martinez. Astondoa has remained a family-run business ever since. From wooden fishing boats to composite boats in the early 1980s, to launching their first-ever superyacht in 2007, Astondoa has flourished through the years and metamorphosed into one of Europe’s leading motor yacht builders. With headquarters in Santa Pola and other facilities throughout Spain in Gallarta, La Unión, Galicia, and Almansa, Astondoa is constantly expanding and a driving force in the superyacht community.



Astondoa 655 Coupe

The Astondoa 655 Coupe looks incredibly futuristic and it has the technology to match. With a retractable glass wall and main door that disappear with the touch of the button, the saloon is instantly elongated and provides a warm, open environment. Large sunbeds on the rooftop, bow and aft create a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for an owner interested in relaxing in luxurious comfort with friends and family.

Astondoa 377 Coupe

377 Coupe Outboard

The Astondoa 377 Coupe is a sport cruiser that has all the amenities of a much larger motor yacht. With a 300 nautical mile range and a maximum speed of 30 knots, this 377 Coupe includes all the latest navigational technologies. The 377 Coupe is the second model in the exclusive Astondoa Open range fleet. The Astondoa 377 Coupe outboard is the sister model to the 377 Coupe and goes a whopping 36 knots with the same comfort and versatility.

Astondoa 44 – 52 – 66 Flybridge – AS8

The Astondoa flybridge models are the perfect yachts for island hopping. These sporty and seaworthy cruisers are also surprisingly spacious thanks to Astondoa maximizing the use of interior and exterior space. The interior is as modern as the exterior with features like the submersible swimming platform, retractable sunroof and outdoor galley. The flybridge models are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly lightweight and durable thanks to the resin-infused, fiberglass and Kevlar hulls. These flybridge models are both functional and fashionable.

Astondoa 100 – 110 – 125 Century

“Built for many family members and friends to share the experience of yachting, the Astondoa 110 Century welcomes you with open arms and open spaces.” – The official Astondoa website

These impactful models were 100 years in the making. The Astondoa century line was developed in celebration of Astondoas 100-year anniversary. With walk-in closets, floor to ceiling windows and bright interior décor, the Century models make a lasting impression. The construction and aerodynamics create impressively stable and seaworthy yachts. The Century models combination of Spanish artisan craftsmanship and Italian design create a cohesive and contemporary superyacht, favored worldwide.

120 – 151 – 185 – 197 Steel Explorer

The Astondoa Steel Explorer range is as impressive and distinctive as the Spanish brand itself. With steel hulls and aluminum superstructure these extremely customizable superyachts are the perfect combination of performance and luxury. Built as transoceanic yachts with long passages in mind, these mega yachts include a home cinema, wet bar and spa, ensuring you have all the at-home luxuries while out on the open seas. The styling of the Steel explorer range radiates opulence and practicality and attracts attention everywhere it goes.

65 Topdeck

The 65 Topdeck is the ultimate yacht for entertaining. With ample exterior deck space thanks to fold down main deck wings, a retractable sunroof, outdoor dining and a glass walled jacuzzi on the stern, the 65 Topdeck is an eye catching and powerful dayboat. The 65 Topdeck fully utilizes the exterior space with large expanding tables and sun pads so you can lounge in luxury and comfortably bask in the great outdoors. The interior is fitted with modest cabins and modern touches like the movie room in place of a traditional main salon. The Topdeck is a favorite amongst socialites and elite entertainers worldwide.


Spain is recognized internationally for its tasty tapas, scenic beauty, lively characters and vast coastline. In addition to creating beautiful yachts, Spain doubles as an amazing place to explore.

The Mediterranean is an attractive destination due to its historical richness, striking architecture, lovely beaches, high-end fashion boutiques, world-famous cuisine and the magnitude of wine! Plan an unforgettable vacation in Spain with an itinerary cruising the shimmering coastlines. Enjoy your own private paradise, with options for sprawling gardens, cobblestone streets, or just the company of those beloved to you.

Before dusk turns to dawn, experience Spain’s colorful nightlife. Watch Flamenco dancing in Seville, divulge in Sangria in Madrid, attend a concert in Ibiza or just watch the sunrise from the top deck of your Astondoa yacht. With so many captivating ways to pass the time, Spain has a little flavor for everyone.

With optional storage and towing for numerous toys like jets skis, tenders, paddle boards and kayaks, you do not even need to exit the boat to have the time of your life.

Astondoa yachts are a family run business, designed to bring families together. Enjoy a well-deserved holiday, wherever your heart desires, with those closest to you heart, with the seamless comfort a luxury yacht provides.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta