ABOUT Azimut Yachts

Azimut boats are renowned for their voluminous interiors and striking style. Composed of advanced technology and unparalleled aesthetic, Azimuts are a reflection of the prestigious seaside location in Northern Italy where they are carefully built and designed.

Azimuts range from 34 feet to 35 meters and regardless of the size they never waver in either comfort or safety. In addition to being highly recognized within the yachting community, Azimuts have on numerous occasions been accredited with the highest number of votes for “Best Yacht Producer” globally. The worldwide attention has vastly increased the demand for an Azimut yacht, making them incredibly successful. Consistency, novelty, and artisan are words that come to mind when describing an Azimut.

“In this business, you get a lot of people who wear different shirts over the course of their career and change the direction they go in. I may have changed the color of mine over the years, but it’s always been the same brand, the same person under the skin.” Marco Valle- Italian Managing Director of Azimut.

The Italian long-range yachts date back to 1969. A young entrepreneur and college student named Paolo Vitelli originally founded the company in the center of the northern Tuscan Riviera, as a sailboat charter business. Since then, they have managed to become one of the most revered shipyards in the world. In 1985 Azimut made waves as they absorbed Benetti’s prestigious shipyard, propelling them into the larger superyacht realm they were destined for. With the acquisition of Benetti, Azimut reached new heights, or more appropriately new lengths, with their yacht production vastly increasing in size alongside their clientele.



Atlantis 34-51’

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the Atlantis models are famous for being smooth and unslammable. These sporty yachts have ample exterior space on their asymmetrically designed bow, perfect for laying out and enjoying the sunshine or casting a line. The entire vessel has a warm and welcoming feel and a sizable exterior galley makes for a perfect setting to entertain guests. With speeds upwards of 35 knots, a vast open-air lounge and an overall ergonomically designed space, the Atlantis models are extremely functional and versatile.

Verve 40-47’

The Verve models are regarded as being incredibly sleek and stylish. From the stitching on the upholstery to the sculpted helm and numerous outdoor seating areas, the Verve exhibits incredible breakthrough designs. The propulsion from the state-of-the-art outboard engines and the strategic configuration of the hull are some of the key components of the Verve that allow it to pierce through the wake in optimal comfort. Referred to as the “Ultimate Boating Machine” the Verve models do not disappoint.

Magellano 43-82’

“The Magellano 50 is the result of years of experience and the commitment to propose a totally innovative project in which we explore the option of electric propulsion and a whole range of new solutions.”

Paolo Vitelli, CEO Azimut Yachts

The Magellano yachts are both practical and fashionable. The Magellano became an instant success at boat shows on account of their long-range and eco-friendly designs. The Magellano collection is for sensible cruisers who are interested in longer expeditions. Thanks to the innovations of the “Dual Mode Hull” there are a variety of cruising speeds and minimized fuel consumption. These yachts have unmatched stability and boast levels of interior comfort that mimic incredibly large superyachts. The Magellano models focused on the reduction of noise levels and vibration creating more of a serene environment. These yachts were designed for maximum comfort.

Flybridge 50-80’

Bask in the scenery from your private Seaview terrace on one of the glamorous fly bridge models! The Flybridge embodies all of the elements of a luxurious Italian product with no shortage of usable exterior space, perfect for interacting with your family and loved ones. Some innovative features of note include the Active Trim Control which gives the vessel an increased speed upwards of 32 knots and lower fuel consumption. Azimut is infamous for their impressive foredecks, a private oasis that can convert from a sunbathing pad to two comfortable seating areas to dine. A sizable hydraulic swim platform allows easy access into the water and doubles as a storage space for a tender while underway. The Flybridge yacht models are an embodiment of Italian inventiveness.

S Collection 6-10 59-94’

The S Collection models have a relaxing ambience sure to make you feel right at home. The larger models boast a stern-facing infinity terrace, full beam platforms and pivoting lateral handrails. While the smaller models, allow for joystick driving and advanced monitoring systems. With a sizable tender garage, perfect for launching tenders and jet skis, generous deck areas, not to mention the cohesive and immaculate interior design, The S Collection models are an impressive reflection of Italian ingenuity.

Grande Metri 82-114’

The Grande Metri models encompass the best of Italian boatbuilding and are extremely customizable. Azimut is now one of the world’s largest producers of superyachts over 80 feet. Yachts like the Grande Metri are how Azimut managed to become one of the world’s leading shipyards. Azimut goes the proverbial and literal distance for you as they provide a prestigious group of designers to fly to you, wherever you are in the world to help achieve your dream yacht. The use of carbon fiber in the superstructure, flybridge, radar arch, hard top and transom (optional) allow for the Grande Metri models to maintain dynamic stability at great speeds. The Optimus Electronic Power Steering system ensures you achieve those speeds safely. The larger models offer an owner’s suite balcony and a third level for an additional sundeck while the smaller models still offer spacious en-suite heads and sleek weightless contours. The Grande Metri models every imaginable luxury.


What better way to explore the Mediterranean than on yacht that was built for that exact purpose? Italy is the perfect itinerary to explore on these vessels.

Sardinia in particular is a peculiar location in Italy renowned for pristine waters, culinary delicacies and historical richness. With caves to explore, cathedrals to admire, and beautiful white sand beaches it is obvious why Sardinia is a prime destination for yacht owners and charters. Sardinia is referred to as a “Paradise in the heat of the Mediterranean” and certain remote locations are inaccessible unless you have a boat. Avoiding the hassel of mass travel and maintaining your privacy are just a few of the countless advantages that owning or chartering a yacht allows.

With the option of hiring a personal chef to prepare meals aligned with your preferences, or dining out at various lavish eateries, Azimut yachts allow you to optimize the perfect holiday for you. With Jet skis, sea bobs and the option for dive equipment onboard there are endless possibilities for an enjoyable experience out at sea. If you aren’t a fan of extracurricular activities, there is plenty of room onboard the mega yachts for a friendly game of backgammon, sunbathing while catching up on the latest gossip, and an advanced TV system allows for a plentiful array of movies to watch on rainy days.

If you have not made vacations a list on your priorities, now is the perfect time to invest in yourself.