I recently purchased a new Sunseeker 50 Predator through John Booysen, usually there is some sort of issue or problems associated with a boat purchase. Not with my purchase. John was there for me every step of the way. He never left me. Any question I had and I had a bunch, John had the answer, plus he followed up a day or so later asking if I needed anything further and if what he told me had solved the problem and worked. The Sunseeker was a polar opposite of my previous boat a 40 Tiara, so I had many questions. If John was busy, he immediately called me back, never missed. This kind of service is unheard of in sales and especially boat sales. 4 months after my purchase I am still calling John for advice or how to turn something on or off, or make something work, the Sunseeker is far more sophisticated with touch screens everywhere, John as never failed me. If you are considering a new boat, definitely consider John Booysen as your personal Representative, you cannot go wrong.

John C. Bukoski