Sanlorenzo is one of the most prestigious superyacht manufacturers in the world. Sleek exterior lines, exceptional navigational features and stunning interior decorations make Sanlorenzo so popular. Sanlorenzo yachts are extremely customizable, the company acknowledges the desire for personal expression and understands the subjective reality of art. As SanLorenzos are just that, a work of art, they offer ample support and guidance from conceptualization to delivery. With unrivaled craftsmanship, high-end amenities and expansive sprawling layouts, Sanlorenzo has created countless “made-to-measure” yachts for over 50 years and continues to dominate the Superyacht market.
“At Sanlorenzo Americas, we see yachting as the ultimate celebration of the sea. From enjoying a peaceful alfresco dinner at anchor with family and friends beneath a vivacious sunset to voyaging boldly into the great beyond, it’s this unparalleled concept of escape—and experiencing the water like no other way that makes yachting truly extraordinary. “- The official Sanlorenzo website

Sanlorenzo was established in Italy in 1958 originally under the name Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia. Gionvanni Janetti took over in 1975 and relocated the shipyard to the Tuscan Riviera, Viareggio. Originally, the company manufactured wooden boats, but as the years passed and the company progressed, Sanlorenzo began focusing on the development of more modern materials like fiberglass. After garnering much success, Sanlorenzo has rapidly expanded and now produces high-quality motor yachts ranging from 24 to 70 meters. With facilities in Ameglia, Viareggio, Massa and La Spezia, Sanlorenzo is a staple in the superyacht realm.



SL 86

The SL 86 seamlessly merges the sublime beauty of adventure with the signature styling you've come to expect from Sanlorenzo yachts. The bulwarks are designed to let the outside flow into the interior design by letting in as much of the outside view as possible. The typical Sanlorenzo clean design is enhanced with the freshness of nature as light is invited into its wider design. The SL 86 embraces decades of experience, allowing for extravagant levels of customization unlike any other in this category. Experience the blend of light and awe-inspiring vastness relaxing upon the sofa of the salon amidst the unparalleled Sanlorenzo expression of freshness in the SL 86 design.

SL 102

The bold asymmetric design of the SL 102 catalyzes the union between adventure and livable space. It takes interior spaces to unexplored levels of usability, overcoming the well-established yacht design layout to be reimagined through asymmetry. Sanlorenzo has enhanced the concept of space through the design of the SL 102, recovering 10 square meters within the lavish interior. The unique asymmetric design allows usability to blend with the deep-rooted philosophies of Sanlorenzo. With this outside-the-box design, the concept of interior space can be molded to your every desire and wish.

SD 96

The three-deck marvel that is the SD 96 unifies the differences between artisan and industrial design. The warm appeal of the interior blends with the modern sophistication of the SD 96's elegant design. The SD 96 stretches beyond simplistic beauty to achieve a level of customization and grandeur that Sanlorenzo yachts are known for. Sanlorenzo encapsulates the ideas of past and present through the sublime balance of livability and style. While the SD 96 is a three-deck machination from the mind of artisanal craftsmen, the distinct proportions and equilibrium between volume and design make it as manageable and light as you'd expect from a two-deck yacht.

SD 112

The unmistakable SD 112 design is a culmination of modern convenience and elegance with the nostalgic imagination of 1930s transatlantic ocean liners. The meandering curves of the sides and doors allow your mind to envision a time where extravagance and restrained beauty formed a union between the heart and mind. The SD 112 allows for new dimensions of enjoyment and relaxation through its larger curved hull. It offers guests an unforgettable sailing experience in maximum comfort while the untamed beauty of the ocean tells a story of times past through the elegant view.

SX 76

The SX 76 intertwines the intelligence of a classic motor yacht with the bold flying bridge design to create a unique marriage between family and adventure. The SX 76 exudes practicality and rationalism with the sublime expressions of freedom that the unmistakable Sanlorenzo style embodies. The pure balance of volumes that the SX 76 achieves through contemporary design epitomizes the ideals and philosophy of the iconic Sanlorenzo brand. The SX 76 invites you and your whole family to embrace a world where sleek aesthetics merge flawlessly with functionality and practicality.

SX 88

The SX 88's imaginative design creates a unique steering position to allow for seamless functionality to combine with freedom. The innovative placing of the steering position on the flybridge can be completely enclosed with modern luxuries to fulfill an innate desire for comfort and capability. The SX 88 embodies a crossover design in a way that encapsulates the ideals of Sanlorenzo as a leading yacht maker. The astern area further enhances your freedom aboard the SX 88 with functionality that accommodates even large watercraft to allow your sea exploration to possess an unbounded characteristic.


With Sanlorenzo you are able to make your dreams a reality. When you buy a Sanlorenzo you don’t just buy a yacht, but a title. Because owning a yacht comes with a certain amount of prestige and status.

Whether you would like to have appetizers with friends on your yacht docked in your backyard, or if you have bigger plans of exploring anywhere from the south pacific to the Mediterranean. Any yacht from this fleet could take you there.

Being on a yacht means watching dolphins swim in the wake, seeing flying fish soar through the air or whales breach through the surface. The open water can be daunting, but it can also be exhilarating. Pushing yourself to new heights with long passages or simply avoiding the stress, and having your yacht delivered to any location for you. San Lorenzo yachts offer it all.

With so many options for modifications, Sanlorenzo yachts can cater to any and all audiences. If you’re an artist, there are ample walls for you work, rooms to create and access to buy art worldwide.

If you are an adventure seeker and you enjoy the great outdoors, Sanlorenzos were designed to take you to places otherwise inaccessible, safely, quickly and stylishly.

A constant conversation with yachts is the cost, but you can’t forget the rewards. The smiles on your loved ones faces as they are wrapping in blanket watching the sunset, the warmth on your skin from the sun and the delicious taste of fresh food, prepared by an onboard chef. Yacht ownership is the best sensory stimulation you can buy.