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Your yacht is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions and one of the largest investments you own. When it comes time to sell, nothing is a greater representation of this asset’s value than getting the highest possible price in the shortest length of time.

Aspire Yacht Sales is a boutique full-service and licensed yacht brokerage where your business matters more than anything else. You will receive unrivaled attention to detail and customer service every step of the way from the industry’s best and most knowledgeable brokers. We keep our client’s best interests front and center along every step of the sales journey ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Our team will negotiate on your behalf and ensure your yacht is priced competitively so you can be sure to receive top dollar in a timely fashion.

Hiring a Yacht Broker
Yacht Brokers Are Not All the Same

Hiring a yacht broker has many benefits. Like a realtor, a professional yacht broker has the data and experience to list your yacht at the right price for a fast and smooth sale.

When looking for a yacht broker, it’s a good idea to treat the process like a job interview. Just like a job, you wouldn’t hire someone that knows nothing about the yacht you are trying to sell. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind and questions to ask when you are interviewing a yacht broker.

Finding a broker who understands your vessel is essential when selling. You’ll want to seek out a broker who will be able to explain every aspect of your boat to potential buyers. If they know nothing about your boat, chances are they won’t be able to sell it when talking to customers and other brokers. It is important to ask if they have any experience listing similar yachts.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Yacht Broker
STEP 1 – Length of Career

Another important consideration is how long the broker has been involved with yacht sales. It’s always wise to choose someone who has been in the business for some time and has an honest and good reputation.

STEP 2 – Part-Time or Full-Time?

Another relevant piece to discuss is whether or not this is a full-time job for the broker. Often, yacht brokers only do this part-time, much like realtors. Sometimes this is not in the client’s best interest since the broker is unable to devote their undivided attention and focus to your sale, versus working with someone who dedicates themselves to yacht sales full time.

STEP 3 – Test Their Knowledge

It’s also important to make sure your broker is knowledgeable about the entire listing process. Ask for a listing presentation when interviewing a yacht broker to get a thorough understanding of how they will market your yacht.

STEP 4 – Readily Available Resources

Furthermore, find out if they offer additional resources and if someone is available to answer questions that arise along the way. Especially if this is your first time listing your yacht for sale, you will have questions. It’s prudent to make sure they have a team of professionals behind them to help you out along the way. It’s valuable to know if they have a professional marketing team to ensure your listing is getting the maximum exposure. Make sure there is an accounting/ finance team to ensure all forms of funds will be received safely and securely. In short, find a company that will offer you peace of mind.

STEP 5 – Trust

Most importantly, when hiring a yacht broker, you need to be able to trust them. Trust plays a huge role in the sale relationship. You need to feel confident that your broker will set up the best deal with your best interest in mind.

The InterviewQuestions to Ask Your Potential Yacht Broker

How many boats they have sold this past year and what kind?

Can they run the vessel? And if not, can they partner with someone who does know how?

Are they involved with the latest marketing & advertising trends?

At Aspire Yacht Sales, when you work with us, you are not just getting one person’s help with the sales process. Instead, you are gaining access to our entire network of contacts and referrals. Those who can help you throughout the entire life cycle of selling or owning a boat. Our experience not only helps price your yacht competitively but also helps navigate the survey process, negotiations, and other situations that may arise while your yacht is on the market.


Our product knowledge and experience are unparalleled in the yachting industry.


Why Us?Why You Should Choose Aspire Yacht Sales

John Booysen, owner of Aspire Yacht Sales, takes an unconventional approach to yacht brokerage and client engagement. He cares deeply about the incredible and unique experience yachting and yacht ownership can provide and will not compromise on his core beliefs of honesty and integrity to ensure all clients goals and objectives are first and foremost in every decision he makes.

John’s love of yachting began when he sailed a 60ft Catamaran from Cape Town, South Africa to the Bahamas nearly 3 decades ago. Since then, John has traveled all over the globe as both a captain and broker gaining valuable experience and knowledge. He has never lost sight of his first experience on the water and the passion it ignited in him. This level of enthusiasm and passion for boating is what he hopes to spark in all his clients. The result is a far more intimate yacht brokerage where every client is valued and receives unrivaled attention throughout the selling or buying process.

John calls Ft Lauderdale, FL home where he resides with his wife Kelly and kids Blake and Taylor. His 27 years in the industry, his more than 150 transactions to date, as well as his client retention speak volumes about his, and AYS’s, dynamic customer-centric approach to yacht brokerage.

Selling Strategy

This is where we listen. Our experience and market knowledge are key, but none of it means a thing if we don’t listen and understand our client’s unique goals and objectives.


We are highly experienced in the yacht sales and purchase markets and constantly at the forefront of current market conditions. Once we have an understanding of your goals and objectives, completed a thorough analysis of recently sold similar yachts as well as all listed comparable yachts (comps), and determined your preferred selling time, we will agree on an appropriate asking price.


We will provide a standard Central Listing Agreement common to almost all the reputable licensed yacht brokerage houses. A copy of this can be provided upon request for your review. A standard total commission fee structure of 10% will apply allowing for input with outside brokers to maximize exposure.

Listing your yacht with us will include the following:

  • Market analysis – What are comparable yachts listed for?
  • Asking price – Achieve the balance between value and priced-to-sell under current market conditions.
  • Detailed specification sheet of the yacht inventory
  • Copies of all documentation including insurance and cruising permits if required
  • Preliminary surveys are a great, cost effective way to address any issues and iron out any kinks before your yacht is under contract. This can be an inexpensive way for a surveyor to bring up any issues before a buyer comes into the picture.

Exposure is key to selling your yacht quickly and at the highest price. At Aspire Yacht Sales, we employ the latest digital and traditional marketing to ensure that every potential buyer is aware that your yacht is for sale. Our state-of-the-art social media marketing and effective email campaigns ensure your yacht’s listing is viewed more than all competition by the most qualified buyers and brokers alike.

With Aspire you can be sure that your yacht will be marketed effectively by:

  • Publishing on all major MLS websites such as Yachtworld.com, Yatco and YachtCouncil.com.
  • Maximizing online presence with social media and key word utilization.
  • Having the option to attend all major boat shows under a world-renowned yacht broker.
  • Publishing in major yachting publications such as Yachting and Boat International.
  • Having the option of an HD video tour available.
  • Being promoted on Aspireyacht.com as a featured vessel

We understand what it takes to sell a yacht.

  • Presentation

First impressions are crucial. A little time and money spent upfront to make her shine and have the best curb appeal goes a long way and is always money well spent. However, it is not just about stunning imagery and distributing these images across a range of platforms to reach qualified buyers. Understanding how buyers and other brokers approach the purchase of a yacht and making the transaction as seamless as possible is what we do better than anyone else.

  • Repairs and maintenance

It’s always advisable to have any repairs, required maintenance logbooks and paperwork up-to-date.

  • Location

Position your yacht where she can be seen. A yacht in South Florida will get much more visibility and therefore sell faster and for more money than somewhere more remote.

  • Access

We remain available at short notice for any and all viewings

  • Value

How a buyer decides on a particular yacht takes into account one over-riding element: VALUE.

  • Agreements and contracts

We ensure that everything is in place so when a buyer makes an offer there are no surprises and the sale is seamless.

Market Analysis

Whether buying or selling your yacht, we promise to provide you with the quality expertise you have the right to expect. In order to achieve a timely sale, your yacht must be marketed at the correct asking price. John Booysen uses his nearly 3 decades of experience, his unwavering commitment to staying on top of current market trends, and his proprietary access to key sales data (both historic and current) to help advise you on the best price for your yacht. With this unmatched expert knowledge of the product, as well as a perfectly targeted price point, we can turn our expertise into achieving the result of selling your yacht and getting you the right return on your investment.

Aspire Yachts Sales’ marketing plan is designed to attract buyers. It’s our job to position, price, market and sell your yacht, and we take that seriously. Aspire Yachts Sales has a 24/7 omni-channel marketing approach that never stops. You’ll see us in full force at major boat shows, on Google, Social Media, email, YouTube, in yachting magazines, MLS, blogs, digital ads and more. AYS captures vital market and user data as well as digital insights to help effectively market and sell your yacht as quickly as possible.

Our marketing team is closely aligned with AYS’s world-class brokerage sales team. Together, they fuel our highly collaborative strategy from the first customer-connect opportunities to ongoing collaboration with campaigns, final close, and after sale engagement and service. AYS sales and marketing is a finely tuned engine designed to sell yachts. That’s what we do best.

Our Yacht Brokers

All yacht brokers at AYS are Captains, entrepreneurs, go-getters, self-starters, and driven for success. Our network of yacht brokers is professional, tenured and licensed.

They are seasoned at marketing themselves and exceptionally well connected in the industry. You can rest assured AYS brokers will offer genuine expertise, customer service and professional yacht representation with every listing. Your yacht will certainly stand out above the rest.

Our Network of Websites

Every yacht broker is on YachtWorld.com, but not every brokerage has the ability to advertise the way we do. Every AYS brokerage listing on YachtWorld is a "premier listing" which means it gets larger photos, a larger placement on the search results page, and exponentially more people clicking on your ad.

AYS has an unprecedented level of exposure on the world's top yacht brokerage website. Every boat listed with AYS goes into the YachtWorld MLS system, which means your vessel will not only display on YachtWorld, but every other major brokerage company website in America including:

Seller GuideQuestions to Ask Your Potential Yacht Broker
1. Make your boat look her best.

First impressions are critical — It is important to look at any yacht through the eyes of a prospective buyer. The first few minutes a buyer spends onboard are the ones that solidify their overall impression, remember they are likely looking at multiple listings. How can you set yours apart? Make sure the decks are washed and free of unused lines and deck equipment.

A fresh polish and wax job will take years off the boat’s real age and make it appear much newer. Paint and varnish touch-ups, polishing the brightwork and detailing the engine room will go a long way to creating a lasting overall impression. The goal is to make your boat appear to be very lightly used even though it may have been well-loved for years. A modest amount of time and resources invested in pre-sale maintenance can return thousands in resale value.

2. Perform repairs and complete scheduled maintenance.

One extremely important step you can take in preparing your boat for sale is to put all mechanical systems in good working order and ensure everything is up-to-date as far as maintenance and service requirements. Make sure the engines start easily, the batteries are serviceable, the engine oil is clean, and the electronics are in good working order. Because the boat will be hauled for an inspection, have the bottom cleaned/painted and zinc anodes replaced in advance.

Buyers, and more accurately buyer representative surveyors, will find problems with your boat. That is what they are paid to do. The more minor these problems are, and the shorter the survey deficiency report, the larger the impact on speed of closing and the higher the negotiated closing price is likely to be. You want the buyer to know that he or she is stepping onboard a truly turn-key yacht, where they will not have any need for major work and additional expenses for some time to come. For example, if your diesel engines are nearing the 1000-hour service schedule, have the work done before you put the boat on the market. Yes it’s costly, but buyers don’t want to have to face this expense on a newly purchased boat.

3. Clean, de-clutter, and repair the interior for showing.

Remember to keep the buyer in mind. They want a clean slate to be able to picture their personal touches. Remove all personal belongings including family pictures, wall hangings, galley appliances, etc. Make sure all cabinet spaces, lockers and storage compartments are empty and clean, and that sinks, showers, heads and counters are spotless. Carpet and drapery should be cleaned or replaced if worn out and all beds should be made to perfection. Make sure any unpleasant odors are removed before showing.

Finally, before showing your boat, remove everything that is not included in the sale, no matter how small. More than a few yacht deals have turned sour in the final stages due to debating who gets the piece of art in one of the guest cabins, or who owns the binoculars in the wheel-house.

4. Organize all Maintenance and Service Records

Supplying an owner’s operations manual along with a list of upgrades, spare parts inventory, warranty information and all factory supplied systems and equipment manuals, and plumbing and wiring schematics in an organized format is vital to give a buyer the confidence in his purchase decision.

Maintenance and service records are great sales tools — the more information you can provide about your boat’s service history, the better. A well-maintained boat may sell on its own, but comprehensive maintenance records will give a buyer the peace of mind he or she needs to make an offer on your boat.

Keeping the titles, registrations and certificates organized in a binder, close at hand, is generally good practice, but during a sale will help to avoid any delays when it’s time to close.

5. Position the boat where it’s easy to show.

After all the prep work has been done and your yacht is looking as good as the day you bought it, it’s time to consider location. No matter what preparations you’ve made to insure a great first impression, having your boat in a hard to reach location or a run-down marina/shipyard to save a few dollars on slip rental may render all your hard work meaningless.

Locating your boat in South Florida at one of the many full-service marinas with luxury amenities and top-shelf facilities will ensure a great first impression as well as facilitating ease of boarding and optimizing traffic through the boat. Making any of these steps more difficult by hiding your boat in a hard-to-reach location will dramatically reduce your

Yacht Valuation Determining the Right Price for Your Yacht

In order to achieve a timely sale, your yacht must be marketed at the correct asking price. Our brokers are highly experienced in market evaluations and will be able to advise you on the best price for your yacht.


Each of our brokers is highly experienced in the sales and purchase market and will undertake a thorough evaluation of your yacht before proposing an asking price. Our Brokers enjoy a significant advantage over private sellers as they not only have access to the data from all listings on the various MLS and yacht publications, but also have access to all the records of the actual selling price of sold boats and time taken to achieve a sale. This information is vital when setting an appropriate price.

Working with access to this data and considering current market conditions as well as your desired time to sell will determine an appropriate price to ask for your yacht.


Our brokers are some of the most experienced in the industry, every year we visit hundreds of yachts around the world. We are constantly gathering market knowledge and sharing it within the company to ensure that the whole team has the most reliable and up-to-date information possible. Wherever possible we will also visit your yacht and perform a thorough assessment of it before completing our market evaluation and providing you with a suggested asking price.


To receive your yacht evaluation contact us by filling out the form below. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set up an appropriate time to discuss your goals and objectives as well as gather more specific information about your yacht to more accurately evaluate your asset and determine an appropriate price to list it for.