ABOUT SunSeeker

The Sunseeker yacht emphasizes “fun in the sun” and lifts expectations to another level. They have earned themselves a prominent spot in the luxury yacht realm, winning countless awards globally. Renowned for their spacious interiors and modern style, the Sunseekers are both a statement piece and a quality investment.

Manufactured in Dorsett England, the sunseeker yacht perfectly captures the quintessential British refinement. The Sunseeker was founded in 1969 and has since become a Global icon. Sunseekers have featured in various Hollywood films, including the iconic James Bond. Today, the Sunseekers have over 120 retail and service locations worldwide and export to over 74 countries.

“The brand’s enormous global strength can be greatly attributed to its commitment to constantly set new standards and exceed what came before. Breaking new waves. Discovering new horizons. And always seeking more. “

– The Sunseeker Website



The Hawk 38’

The Hawk takes you to an adrenaline induced euphoria. Equipped with powerful outboard engines the Hawk is the perfect high-performance day boat, chase boat or tender. Designed by the legendary boat designer and powerboat racer, Fabio Buzzi, the eye-catching model is capable of a leisurely 70mph. Whether you would prefer to lounge with a glass of champagne on the sunbathing pads with the optional canopy for shade, or test out the fitted shock-absorbing seats as you accelerate across the open seas, The Hawk is the perfect choice for both young families getting into the sport and seasoned cruisers looking for something more compact.

Predator 50-74’

The Predator is thoughtfully crafted with timeless styling and innovative technology. The large windows flood the interior with natural warm light, and with ample storage it is the perfect combination of functionality and extravagance. With a sleek sloping bow configuration, at rapid speeds The Predator remains comfortable and safe. With a state-of-the-art AV system and a sporty interior, it is obvious why The Predator is popular amongst young, adventurous and dynamic professionals.

Manhattan 52-68’

It is easy to see how the highly coveted Manhattan models have been recognized with numerous awards. Since the first launch they have had a constant unanimous positive reception from both the media and customers alike. Bold design and ingenuity make the Manhattan a continuous top seller. The meticulously designed layout of the Manhattan delivers an exceptionally comfortable and serene environment.

Sport Yacht 65-74’

The sculptured exterior design separates the Sport Yacht from the rest in the sunseeker fleet. The Sport Yachts windows allow for unprecedented brightness and panoramic sea views. The size of the Sport Yacht enables docking in remote locations where bigger models are forced to anchor. The sleek design provides excellent maneuverability in speeds up to 38 knots, and the inherent beauty draws constant attention. With a versatile swim platform, modern helm and spacious interior, the sport yacht accommodates upwards of 8 guests comfortably.

Yacht 76-100’

This Yacht exudes elegance. Composed of contemporary furnishings and bold architecture, this Yacht creates an idyllic setting for entertaining guests or relaxing in comfort. In a competitive market this Yacht makes a lasting impression. Sunseekers are often recognized in the luxury motor yacht community as a family boat. What better way to spend weeks at a time with your loved ones than in the privacy of your own glamorous home on the water.

Superyacht 116-161’

This Superyacht is of the highest caliber in the deluxe British Sunseeker fleet. The designs feature an incredibly versatile array of customizations. The Superyacht is ultra-modern with unparalleled lavishness. Numerous outdoor entertaining spaces, meticulously crafted interiors and cutting-edge technology separate the Superyacht from the rest. Water slides, sea bobs, jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks all comfortably fit in the Superyacht with little to no visibility. The décor throughout the yacht contains an understated sophistication that elevates the yacht on a global scale. With an exterior bar, hot tub, hydraulic balconies, and massive state rooms the Superyacht leaves an impactful and enviable first impression. The Superyacht is synonymous with all the advancements, ambition and success the Sunseeker has garnered for themselves throughout the decades.


It is said that water possesses the calming qualities we’ve both seen in science and felt in our bodies. There is something therapeutic about being out on the open seas. Cruising through the vast ocean brings us an almost indescribable sensation of tranquility.

Let the sunseeker whisk you away to snorkel crystal clear waters in the southern Caribbean. Enjoy the freedom of anchoring in remote locations where you can jump off the swim platform with a speargun in hand eager to catch fresh lobster, prepared by your onboard chef for dinner.

Sip a refreshing Aperol spritz amongst friends in the Amalfi coast as a sea breeze carries away all the worries you left behind at the office. Paddle board into the sunset off the coast of San Diego or go fly fishing in Alaska where the air is crisp and the scenery unmatched.

Owning a Sunseeker isn’t a commitment so much as it is way of life. Customizing your own personal oasis and treating yourself to one of the biggest luxuries on the planet, you are investing in not just a quality product, but your future self. The definition of a harbor is a place of refuge, and what better way to get there than with a Sunseeker.

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.”

David Lee Roth